How do I find you and where do I park?

Readymoney Cove is on the south western side of Fowey, approximately 10 minutes walk along a broadly flat road called The Esplanade which runs from the centre of town. This route is wheelchair and pushchair friendly. If you are driving please park at Readymoney Car Park (60 spaces) or park for free along the Esplanade if there is space. If you are catching the bus into Fowey you could alight at the pretty painted bus stop at the junction of Lankelly Lane and Polvillion Road and take the public footpath along St Catherine's Parade down to us. The town's Main Car Park on Hanson Drive (269 spaces) is another good option if you want to visit the beach and the town but this does involve a steep hill. Please do not drive down to the Cove itself, it is a narrow road with double yellow lines and limited space for turning, is often very busy with children and dogs and there is nowhere to park other than for the private properties with their own spaces.

Are you open all year round?

Yes! We aim to open every day (except Christmas Day) throughout the year although our opening times will shorten during the winter. We open at 9.30am. If we have to close because of dangerously stormy weather or for any other unexpected reason we will update our Facebook page.

What facilities are there at Readymoney?

As well as running the beach shop, we also operate the public toilets at the beach. A disabled toilet is open 24 hours a day every day for all to use and additional unisex toilet facilities are available during April to October. There is a baby changing table in the disabled toilet. The toilet facilities are free for everyone to use, whether a customer of the shop or not, although we do welcome donations to go towards the cost of cleaning and maintenance. There is a small covered seating area just past the shop with four wooden benches and great views over the Cove. There are also benches on the grassed area on top of the old limekiln next to the shop. The beach is very popular with swimmers all year round although we would always recommend checking the beach sign for any water quality issues. The beach itself is the responsibility of Fowey Harbour Commissioners and any concerns should be reported directly to them. During approxmately April to October each year we also have the use of a beach wheelchair, kindly loaned by Cornwall Mobility. Use of this wheelchair is free but is first come, first served and it cannot be reserved. Full information regarding use of the wheelchair is available in the shop. We have a number of beach deckchairs for hire and also a hire out a small range of beach equipment including unbreakable bodyboards, spades and parasols. Unfortunately these items cannot be reserved and hire is a flat rate per day only, for as long or short a time as you need them. Please note that some of these items are not available during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Can I swim at Readymoney?

Readymoney is not a lifeguarded beach but it is generally safe for swimming when conditions are favourable. The beach slopes gradually with no steep drops or hidden sand banks and during the summer months a swimming platform is anchored in the centre of the cove. Motor boats are not permitted past the yellow buoy line at the mouth of the cove and swimmers should not swim past this buoy line. Jellyfish are common at Readymoney, depending on the prevailing weather. This does sometimes include Portuguse Man O War which can be very dangerous. If these are present then signage will make this clear. Swimmer enter the water at their own risk at all times. There is a life-ring on the wall of the limekiln. If you are looking for a local swimming group then the Polkerris Plungers regularly meet at Readymoney, you can request to join their group here

What food and drink do you sell in the beach shop?

We sell hot Cornish pasties, sausage rolls, vegan rolls, homemade cake and Cornish ice-cream (from two fantastic small family businesses: Moomaid of Zennor and Gerry's Originals). We also sell individual tubs of vegan ice-cream made by Roskilly's as well as a range of fruit lollies. We sell hot drinks including a wide range of freshly brewed bean to cup coffees using our bespoke blend of beans roasted just for us by Mevagissey Coffee. Decaf coffee is available as are both soya and oat milk. We sell regular tea, decaf tea and a range of fruit and herbal teas. We have an extensive hot chocolate menu, including a dairy free option, plus a range of syrups which can be added to your hot chocolate or to your coffee. We sell crisps, olives, loose nuts by the scoop, boxes of Cornish biscuits, bags of fudge, Cornish-made chocolate and snack salami. We also sell a range of cold drinks (although we only sell cans of water, not plastic bottles) and we also have a free water refill point for customers bringing their own bottles. Because we only have a small shop with limited storage space our pasties can run out quickly and are therefore very much first come, first served. We cannot take reservations during busy periods, sorry.

What else do you sell?

If you are planning a day at the beach we sell: childrens' shortie wetsuits and beach shoes, a range of bucket and spade options including plastic free metal sets plus sets made from recycled plastic. As a rough guide, our spades range from £1 to £5. We also sell beach balls, mini rugby balls, tennis balls, bat and ball sets, toy boats and trucks and fishing nets. We also sell a limited range of plastic free crabbing lines although crabbing is an activity best enjoyed off the pontoons in the town centre. We also sell Turkish hamman towels, snorkels. kids goggles and picnic rugs. If you are looking for a gift or a treat we also have a wide range of cards and art prints by local artists, many with images of Readymoney and Fowey. We also sell jewellery, candles, leather goods, coasters, fridge magnets, keyrings, soaps and hand balms, teatowels, beeswax wraps, walking books, handmade decor items and our own range of branded items including childrens' t-shirts, enamel mugs, bamboo eco travel mugs, wooden decorations and more. Many of our gift items are also available to buy online.

How do I get to St Catherine's Castle?

The ruined fort of St Catherine's Castle (read more about it here ) is on the headland above Readymoney Cove. There is no vehicle access to the castle and the nearest car park is Readymoney Car Park on Tower Park. The castle is open all the time and is free to visit. However there is no lighting on the path and some very steep drops at the Castle so we would not recommend visiting when it is dark. Pushchairs and buggies with decent chunky wheels are just about manageable on the path, it is not however wheelchair friendly. From April to October there is a set of steep metal steps leading off the right hand side of the beach up to the Castle. These steps are not accessible at high tide. The steps are owned and maintained by the National Trust and are removed during winter to avoid storm damage. During high tide or at periods where the steps have been removed, access to the Castle is via the path signposted for The Saints Way. You can see this footpath leading up between the cottages, ignore the small sign saying 'private access only' as this refers to the parking space belonging to the last cottage.

Which house did Daphne Du Maurier live in?

During the Second World War Daphne du Maurier and her family lived in Readymoney Cottage. This is the large white house facing the beach with a white picket fence. The house is now privately owned but you can still get a sense of the views which inspired Du Maurier in her writing although the beach itself had a fierce barrier of barbed wire across it during the war as protection from enemy invasion (the locals still used to climb through it so they could swim!). The cottage was originally built as a coach house and stables for the nearby Italianate mansion, Point Neptune. Point Neptune was originally built in 1862 by the Rashleigh family and is now the home of comedian, actress and writer Dawn French and her husband.

Are dogs allowed on the beach?

Other than between 10am and 6pm during July and August dogs are permitted at Readymoney. There is no requirement for them to be kept on a lead. There are two bins for dog waste at the entrance/exit to the beach. Please do pick up after your dog. We have a selection of dog treats on sale in the shop, special doggie ice-cream and also a jar of free dog treats.

Are you a sustainable business?

With a location right on the beach we are passionate about ensuring our commitment to sustainability, in particular the fight against single-use plastic. Our hot drinks are provided as standard in our recycled plastic mugs which are then returned to special bins outside the shop and washed throughly before reuse. We do have takeaway cups available but as the vast majority of our customers drink their drinks on or around the beach, we have taken the bold step to charge 25p per disposable cup. Customers are welcome to bring their own cups. We do not sell water in plastic bottles. We do sell water in cans and we also have a free to use water tap at the entrance to the shop which is part of the Refill scheme. We no longer sell bodyboards. Instead we offer a value for money hire scheme on our range of unbreakable bodyboards sourced from the fabulous Zuma Jay surf shop in Bude. Although we do still sell plastic buckets and spades, we are continously adding to our range of sustainable options as these become available through our suppliers. In 2020 we started selling metal buckets and tool sets which are completely plastic free (other than an tiny annoying tie holding the tools to the cardboard backing!) and recycled plastic bucket sets. We also act as a donation station for a number of projects including the Walkers Crisps Terracycle scheme for crisp packets and the Wyatt & Jack inflatables amnesty.

Are there any events which take place at Readymoney?

Although we do not own the beach itself we do organise and co-host a variety of events at the beach. These could include a Punch & Judy Show and Sandcastle Competition as part of Fowey's Royal Regatta Week in August, a charity dog show, children's book readings, beach/forest school sessions, seasonal treasure hunts and the now traditional New Year's Day Charity Swim. We have even hosted a 'wedding day breakfast' of coffee and freshly baked croissants for a local bride. We are always happy to get involved in any events you might have in mind, if we can help at all please just get in touch.

Do you still accept broken inflatables?

Yes! We are delighted to act as a collection point for Isle of Wight based upcycling heroes Wyatt & Jack. They take broken and discarded inflatables and make them into fantastic bags and pouches, saving them from landfill. You can send items to them directly if you prefer, just check out their FAQ page for details of how to send them and whether there are any restrictions on what they are able to take. Otherwise please feel free to drop with us but only during shop opening hours please.

Do you still accept crisp packets for recycling?

Although we firmly believe that avoiding single use packaging is preferable where possible, we accept that the realities of life often include a surfeit of crisp packets! We act as a public drop off point for the Walkers Crisps Terracylcle Scheme, find out more information here about the scheme and what happens to your waste. Please note that because of the rules of the scheme (not rules that we make) only crisp packets (not nuts, sweets, chocolate, popcorn or other snacks) are accepted, these can be any brand, the scheme is not restricted to Walkers only. Please respect this as we simply do not have the time (or the inclination!) to sort through your rubbish to check it is compliant. Crisp packets should be completely empty and not folded into triangles or scrunched into balls. The outer packaging from multipacks is accepted so please feel free to pack your packets inside this. Please only drop off your crisp packets during shop opening hours and get in touch if you have any questions.

Why do you charge 25p for takeaway cups?

This charge is a very deliberate move on our part to consciously reduce the use of disposable single use cups. We are skeptical about the 'greenwashing' language commnonly heard around biodegradable and compostable alternatives and strongly feel that the most sustainable and eco-friendly option is a reusable cup. Our reusable cups are actually made of 100% recycled plastic and they are thoroughly washed and sanitised between use. The vast majority of our customers will be drinking their hot drinks on and around the beach anyway and therefore returning the cups to our designated contact-free drop off buckets on the wall outside is no hassle at all. In fact many of our customers comment how much nicer it is to drink out of a 'proper mug' with a handle! They are much easier to carry too. We fully accept that a single use cup and a lid does not actually cost as much as 25p but we took the bold move to charge as a deterrent. We keep a record through our till system of the amount of cups we charge for and this money is then donated to local charities. Our most recent donation was to Cornwall Hospice Care.

What is the history of that building with the turrets?

The building with the three turrets is Grade II listed and was built in 1819 for the Rashleigh family as part of the Menabilly estate, possibly on the site of a pilchard cellar. The ornamental turrets were added around 1900 and are topped with scallop shaped metal shingles, one turret bears a metal flag with a cutout image of the Fowey seal. The limekiln was bought in 1929 and restored by local furniture maker Jesse Julian who created a new rooftop lookout point, dedicated to his father. The covered shelter by the seawall was built in 1935 for the Silver Jubilee of George V and used to have glass panes in the windows. A lean to structure where the shop and toilets are now is visible in photos from the 1900's. This was subsquently rebuilt as a flat roofed concrete toilet block and changing area. The access to the men's toilets used to be down the steps at the back where the shop bin storage now is. Local people talk fondly of soaking up the sun on the flat roof of the toilet block in their youth but sadly health & safety measures have required the roof to be fenced off. There is more information about the limekiln on the Historic England website here.

What does Readymoney mean?

Rather disappointingly, the word Readymoney does not derive from Fowey's history as a prime spot for smugglers. Instead it is believe to come from the old Cornish word 'redeman' which meant 'shallow ford' or 'stepping stones'.


Can I buy online?

Many of our gift and souvenir items are available online. You can find our online shop here. If you have seen something on social media which isn't listed then please just send us a message and we'll do our best to help.

What is your returns policy?

You can read our returns policy here

How are your online orders packaged?

Our ultimate aim with packaging is to be as sustainable as possible. This means that where possible we will deliberately strive to reuse packaging envelopes and boxes as we believe it is better to keep packaging in circulation until it reaches the end of it's useable life. If we do use new packaging we will use cardboard or paper envelopes or boxes, fixed with kraft paper tape. On some occasions we may use home compostable mailing bags. Your order will be marked with a stamp or sticker with our logo and will also be marked with a return address in case it becomes lost in the post. If your item is a gift and you do not wish any branding to be visible on the packaging, please just put a note in the box at checkout. At certain times of year we offer free gift-wrap, if you would like to take advantage of this please add this option to your shopping bag and confirm which items (if not all) you would like giftwrapped. We are always happy to add a handwritten gift tag ot note to your recipient if sending direct, just make sure that we have all the relevant information and the recipient's correct shipping address.

What is your shipping policy for online orders?

You can read our shipping policy here


Readymoney Cove, Readymoney Road, Fowey, PL23 1JH




9.30am to 3.30pm



There is no parking at Readymoney Cove and it can be a tight squeeze to turn round so please use the Readymoney Carpark on Tower Park or park along The Esplanade.


Dogs are permitted on the beach other than between 10am and 6pm during July and August.

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